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Special Care Show and Tell Deep Dive

Course Code: DD04
Speaker: Dr. Brooke Fukuoka, DMD
CE Hours: 1.50
Start: Saturday, July 1, 2023, 2:30 PM
End: Saturday, July 1, 2023, 4:00 PM
Audience: Dentists, Assistants, Hygienists


 EARLY 4/14


 ONSITE 6/16 














This deep dive is an interactive course where Dr. Fukuoka will bring her “toys” for attendees to taste, feel and try. Don’t like sugar free candy? Let’s test that. Never used an intraoral camera? Come play with Dr. Fukuoka’s. Want to put silver diamine fluoride on an extracted tooth? She's got them! Come feel different textures of toothbrushes; even one made from goat hair! Dr. Fukuoka will go through all her “toys” as volunteers will participate in live demonstrations. At the end of the deep dive course, the “toys” will be on display for attendees to get a closer look and take pictures if desired. Come play with us! Attendance is limited to 40.

Learning objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • see how to perform a closed-mouth emergency exam using an intraoral camera.
  • understand sensory barriers to oral hygiene and how having a diverse array of oral hygiene products can increase success.
  • see different types of bite blocks.
  • experience healthier “candy” alternatives.

Participant Requirements:

Extracted teeth with carries recommended.

Equipment Sponsor(s):

Armor Dental Elevate

Partial Sponsor(s):

Elevate FAPD GC

Speaker: Dr. Brooke Fukuoka, DMD

About the speaker: Dental degree, University of Louisville School of Dentistry; general practice residency, University Hospital, Louisville, KY; fellow, Special Care Dentistry Association; founder, Your Special Smiles; co-founder, Special Care Dentists of Idaho; practicing dentist, Jerome, ID.

Disclosure: I or members of my immediate family have a financial relationship with Delta Dental, Elevate Oral Care, Health Resources and Services Administration, and MouthWatch LLC that may be relevant to this presentation.

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