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A New Solution for Daily Oral Hygiene in Long-Term Care

Course Code: C34
Speaker: Dr. Brooke Fukuoka, DMD
CE Hours: 1.00
Start: Friday, June 30, 2023, 9:00 AM
End: Friday, June 30, 2023, 10:00 AM
Audience: Dentists, Hygienists


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Dental professionals have found that there are two main challenges for caregivers providing daily oral hygiene in long-term care facilities: finding time to do it, and knowing how to do it. When it comes to knowing how to do it, the solution is easy: educate the caregivers. However, caregiver turnover in long-term care is often high and it can leave you feeling like you are educating a revolving door. In some facilities, it is hard to keep up with educating the caregivers. When it comes to the caregiver finding time to perform oral hygiene, it is only one of their many important daily tasks. Even for the trained caregiver, it is hard to find time to adequately perform oral hygiene during their shift. Dr. Fukuoka and a work group that included faculty from Idaho State University Dental Hygiene Program, the Idaho Oral Health Program, the Idaho Healthcare Association, and Dr. Paul Glassman formalized the concepts of assisted oral hygiene and guided oral hygiene. Dr. Fukuoka and her team of assistants, hygienists and certified nursing assistants developed a documentation system called “The Your Special Smiles Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum.” This lecture will discuss Assisted Oral Hygiene, Guided Oral Hygiene and this new documentation system.

Learning objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • categorize patients based on their ability to perform oral hygiene tasks and their willingness to cooperate utilizing the “Your Special Smiles Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum.”
  • understand the difference between assisted oral hygiene and guided oral hygiene and when to use each program to maximize efficiency.
  • be exposed to daily oral kits and how the kits were assembled.
  • learn which of these services have CDT codes associated with them and which do not.

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Speaker: Dr. Brooke Fukuoka, DMD

About the speaker: Dental degree, University of Louisville School of Dentistry; general practice residency, University Hospital, Louisville, KY; fellow, Special Care Dentistry Association; founder, Your Special Smiles; co-founder, Special Care Dentists of Idaho; practicing dentist, Jerome, ID.

Disclosure: I or members of my immediate family have a financial relationship with Delta Dental, Elevate Oral Care, Health Resources and Services Administration, and MouthWatch LLC that may be relevant to this presentation.

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